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Beach Ultimate in nine easy rules

1 - The Field -- A Beach Ultimate field is 75 m (83 yrds) long and 25 m (28 yrds) wide. The endzones on each end are 15 m. (17 yrds) deep.

2 - Start of the game -- A coin (or Frisbee) toss determines what team will start on offence and what team starts on defence. Next, both teams (5-a-side) line up on the front of their respective endzone line. The defense throws the disc (Frisbee) to the offense and the game begins.

3 - Movement of the disc and the players -- The disc can be thrown from one player to another in any direction. A player may not run while in possession of the disc.

4 - Possesion -- The person with the disc has 10 seconds to throw the disc to a team mate. The defender guarding the thrower counts the seconds out loud ("stall one, stall two, stall three...").

5 - Change of possession --
A turnover results whenever one of the following items occur:
The disc touches the ground (also when knocked down by the defense)
The disc is caught outside the field
The disc is intercepted by an opposing player
Upon a turnover the defense immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense.

6 - Scoring -- A goal, worth 1 point, is scored when a player throws the disc to a teammate and it is successfully caught within the confines of the endzone of attack. Play is initiated after each score.

7 - Initiate Play --
Each new point begins again with both teams lining up on the front of their respective endzone line with the team that just scored throwing the disc to the other team.

8 - Non-contact -- Beach Ultimate is a non-contact sport. A foul occurs when contact is made.

9 - No Referees -- The sport is self-officiated. All fouls are called by the player(s) involved. When a foul results in loss of possession, the play is stopped and resumed as if possession was not lost. If the player committing the foul disagrees with the foul call, the play is redone

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• 7 Sep 2004:
Digital Memory of WCBU2004 online
• 29 Aug 2004:
World Champions 2004:
• USA (Men & Women)
• Germany (Coed)
• Austria (Masters)

• 26 Aug 2004:
First results and pictures available online
• 9 Aug 2004:
Rules booklet available online (PDF: 245MB)
• 18 July 2004:
Games schedule ready
• 1 July 2004:
Three more countries confirmed: Canada, Scotland, and Australia.
• 27 May 2004:
BULA Trophy revealed.
• 23 May 2004:
Party bus set to leave Finland 9 August and arrive in Figueira 23 August
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