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National federations contact the organization with your intent to have national teams participate in one or more of the following divisions:

• Men’s: Male players of all ages.
• Women's: Female players of all ages.
• Co-ed: Male and female players all ages. A maximum of 3 players of the same gender on the field and the receiving team determining the gender ratio for the current point (The pulling team must match the gender ratio of the receiving team).
• Master Open: Male and female players who have reached their 34th birthday by the end of 2004.

Individual players: Show your interest to represent your country (even if you don’t live there anymore). Fill out the form below and the organization will help you get a team together.

As of 5 May 2004 there is still demand for a few players from: Colombia, India, Pakistan, Latvia, Mexico, and Africa...

  Country(s) to represent:
  Division(s) would like to play in:
  Club team you play for:
  Please tell us a bit about your playing skills...
  - How do you rate yourself?
  - How long have you been playing?
  - How many tournaments did you play in 2003?
  - How many times do you touch the disc in an average point?
  - What is your confidence with the disc?
  What is your physical condition?
  What position do you prefer to play in?


• 7 Sep 2004:
Digital Memory of WCBU2004 online
• 29 Aug 2004:
World Champions 2004:
• USA (Men & Women)
• Germany (Coed)
• Austria (Masters)

• 26 Aug 2004:
First results and pictures available online
• 9 Aug 2004:
Rules booklet available online (PDF: 245MB)
• 18 July 2004:
Games schedule ready
• 1 July 2004:
Three more countries confirmed: Canada, Scotland, and Australia.
• 27 May 2004:
BULA Trophy revealed.
• 23 May 2004:
Party bus set to leave Finland 9 August and arrive in Figueira 23 August
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