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How to get to Figueira da Foz - there is no airport in Figueira, so you need to fly into Lisbon, Porto, or Faro. Flights to Faro might be cheaper but it is in the south of Portugal and the train ride up to Figueira is about 10h.

There is little difference between the trip from Porto and Lisbon. Both are about 1.5h drive by car and cost about 7 euros in road tolls. The train costs about 15 euros, takes about 3.5 hours. From either way you will need to change trains in Coimbra to go to Figueira de Foz.

Useful links:
Figueira Tourism board - Lots of good info about the area.
Yahoo Portugal Map - Simple, but good overview of Portugal
Michelin guide - Good way to determine routes
Map of Figuiera - with indications where the fields, dinner, campiste, etc... is
• Train timetables (in PDF format):
   • Lisbon-Coimbra, Coimbra-Lisbon
   • Porto-Coimbra, Coimbra-Porto
   • Coimbra-Figueira, Figueira-Coimbra
Portuguese Railway - Prices, time tables, etc..
Portugaltravelguide.com and Portugal.org - Good travel guides

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