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The Magic Bus

Last call for Magic Bus riders!

To facilitate the transport between the WFDF World Championships (grass) Ultimate in Finland and Portugal, BULA has hired a forty seat luxury coach that will drive Ultimate players from one end of Europe to the other. The following itinerary is for guidance and is subject to change:

  • 9 August 2004 - Collection in Turku. Ride the Ferry to the Baltic city of Stockholm
  • Night of 9 August 2004 (Stockholm) The "Ice Breaker" Party
  • Night of 10 August 2004 (Copenhagen/Berlin or Hamburg) hostel/campsite
  • 11 & 12 August 2004 (Munich) Mini Tournament, party & Bavarian Breakfast - perhaps a half day playing and party for longer at http://www.robertobeach.de
  • 13 & 14 August 2004 (Vienna) The Sommerliga Hat Tournament. Games will be in Vienna Prater, central to the city and a beautiful area
  • Night of 15 August 2004 (Innsbruck, Austria)
  • 16, 17 & 18 August 2004 - (Claremont Ferrand) Games, wine tasting and visit the Auvergne Mountains. Walk in "Chaine des puys", play in Clermont Ferrand, and taste wine in "Aubiere" or "Chateaugay"
  • 19, 20 & 21 August 2004 (Barcelona) Beach games, meal & tour of Barcelona, play on Castelldefels beach, and we'll arrange a veritable feast.
  • Night of 22 August 2004 (Madrid)
  • 23 August 2004 (Figueira da Foz) Party, BBQ and some late night revelry

The cost is 500 euros for the bus and lodging along the way (50% camping and 50% hostels). Even if you do not play at either world championship, but you are an Ultimate player, this is a unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world and play disc!

There are 9 seats left on the bus

To register, email Sam Rey at sam@beachultimate.org. Please send him your phone number too so we can expedite the process.

• 7 Sep 2004:
Digital Memory of WCBU2004 online
• 29 Aug 2004:
World Champions 2004:
• USA (Men & Women)
• Germany (Coed)
• Austria (Masters)

• 26 Aug 2004:
First results and pictures available online
• 9 Aug 2004:
Rules booklet available online (PDF: 245MB)
• 18 July 2004:
Games schedule ready
• 1 July 2004:
Three more countries confirmed: Canada, Scotland, and Australia.
• 27 May 2004:
BULA Trophy revealed.
• 23 May 2004:
Party bus set to leave Finland 9 August and arrive in Figueira 23 August
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