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Good work! Keep it up! Thanks! Jason.

Jason Hughes (United States)

Wow, we had no idea how huge the spirit at this tournament would be...turned out it was about the size of the beach. We started with a dream, arrived with the world and we never stopped smiling....and we're smiling through the English rain too. A perfect spot, a perfect bunch of players and an implacable organizer. Thanks Patrick for the magic of BULA-land 2004. Ed

Ed Gonsalves (East-West Indies)

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for all the work you put in this site. It looks great! Thanks!

Jeff Stephens (United States)

Sun, sand, sexy ultimate and spirit. Huge thanks to everyone we played/met who made it an amazing week.

John Dixon (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Magic! wonderfull!!! thank you

Alejandro (Colombia Coed)

I'm soooo glad I missed my flight and volunteered to help you guys. Patrick, if you ever organize another Ultimate tournament (any where in the world), lemme know and I'll gladly come and sell beer for you again. STAFF RULES!!! YA STAFF!

Ron Levreault (a.k.a. cerveja boy) (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Just love it! Patrick and Sofia and everyone who made this happen thanks a lot and just keep on going! Been there than that! It was amazing the spirit the games everything! thanks everyone who showed up too! Cya all in santa cruz

Frederico Rosa (Lisbon, Portugal)

I Love you !!

Bernard French Master (France)

what's up dudes! looks like you had a good time at worlds. wish i was there. that video is really good, who put that together. anyway, keep on playing, and hopefully i will see you all at christmas

Dave Klesert (USA)

I would like to thank Patrick for all of his hard work in Portugal getting everything organized, as well as all the amazing people I got to know during the tourney. Obrigado por tudo e ate logo em Santa Cruz

John De Oliveira -Goat- (Philadelphia, U.S.A.)

On behalf of the spanish coed team, I´d like to thank Patrick, all portuguese players, volunteers and all people who helped to make this possible. It was really an amazing experience. Obrigado!

Arcadio Díaz Díaz (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Amazing tournament, amazing parties, Big Up to all that have made it possible, volunteers, players, and Patrick of course !! CU soon

Jano (Paris, France)

hats off to you, patrick, for putting together an amazing tournament. can't wait till next year. oh, and we will be bringing even more maple syrup... mmmmm body shots!

binky (montreal, quebec, canada)

hi i`m like beach ultimate korea ultimate two teams one team my team sometimes we together beach ultimate thanks good to see you.

kimarerum (seoul, korea)

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all the participants, the volunteers, and everyone that helped make the 1st World Championships Beach Ultimate such a great success. The Spirit was high, the plays were amazing, and the smiles were plentiful. We'll meet again next year in Santa Cruz, California. Keep 'em flying!

Patrick van der Valk, President BULA (Parede, Portugal)

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• 7 Sep 2004:
Digital Memory of WCBU2004 online
• 29 Aug 2004:
World Champions 2004:
• USA (Men & Women)
• Germany (Coed)
• Austria (Masters)

• 26 Aug 2004:
First results and pictures available online
• 9 Aug 2004:
Rules booklet available online (PDF: 245MB)
• 18 July 2004:
Games schedule ready
• 1 July 2004:
Three more countries confirmed: Canada, Scotland, and Australia.
• 27 May 2004:
BULA Trophy revealed.
• 23 May 2004:
Party bus set to leave Finland 9 August and arrive in Figueira 23 August
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